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Hosted Flow

The hosted flow allows teams to register employees through the Branch onboarding flow without spending time on development. The hosted flow is a full window experience that provides a secure, elegant onboarding flow. It is hosted by Branch but may be customized with cobranding options.

You can send someone a hosted flow link to to securely collect their information. Information in the created account will show up in Pay Admin.



Query Parameters

The URL accepts the following query parameters:

orgRequiredYour assigned Branch organization ID
empOptionalSend the user's employee ID to be attached to their account
firstNameOptionalPrefill the first name field in the flow
lastNameOptionalPrefill the last name field in the flow
phoneNumberOptionalPrefill the phone number in the flow (only numbers, no separators)
emailAddressOptionalPrefill the email address in the flow (must pass valid email address)


You can cobrand the logo and brand color in the onboarding flow via the settings page in your Pay Admin portal.