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WebView Overview

The web onboarding flow can be integrated into a native app by placing it inside of a webview. Integrating with the web flow is fairly straightforward and can be conceptually broken up into two tasks:

  • Build the WebView URL
  • Listen to the url redirect event fired inside the WebView when the user completes the view

Build the WebView URL

Here's the bare minimum URL you'll need to render the onboarding flow into a WebView:{{organization_id}}

Query Parameters

The URL accepts the following query parameters:

embeddedRequiredAlways set to true. Displays onboarding without surrounding layout
orgRequiredYour assigned Branch organization ID
callbackUrlRequiredThe URL to redirect to once the flow has been completed
empOptionalSend the user's employee ID to be attached to their account
firstNameOptionalPrefill the first name field in the flow
lastNameOptionalPrefill the last name field in the flow
phoneNumberOptionalPrefill the phone number in the flow (only numbers, no separators)
emailAddressOptionalPrefill the email address in the flow (must pass valid email address)

Responding to Completed Onboarding

Once your users have completed the flow, they will be redirected to the callbackUrl provided in the URL. You can listen for the URL to change and respond in your app accordingly.