New disbursement fee endpoints

Added new API endpoints to calculate and get disbursement fees.


ReadMe Developer Documentation Launch

Announcing the new Branch Developer Documentation platform built on, with many new features including expanded API reference documentation. For more information see About this documentation.


Disbursements API v2

Added v2 API endpoints for disbursements. Note that v1 disbursements documentation is still included, however all new development will be on v2 and partners should be using v2 by January 2025. For details see the V2 API Migration Guide.


Business Name and EIN

Added Business Name and EIN elements to the Create Wallet response.


Added EIN element to Create Wallet

October 20, 2023 Added optional EIN element to the Create Wallet endpoint.


New get active card endpoint

October 5, 2023 Added an endpoint to get a user's active or suspended card.


New Changelog

September 12, 2023