Using the Branch API

This Branch API reference documentation is based on the OpenAPI standard and provides a variety of features. If you have a Branch sandbox api key for your org, you can enter it and try calls directly from this reference documentation, as we walk you through below.

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While viewing any Branch endpoint in this reference documentation you can find examples of the code for making API requests, in the code language you have selected. Here for example is the Get Wallets endpoint entry, showing how you would code a request for this endpoint using Ruby (click to enlarge).

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To see response examples, click the arrow next to the response listed, as shown, or click to select from a list in cases where there are multiple responses:

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Get Started

API keys and authentication

To try out API calls from this documentation you will need:

  • A valid Branch org and org ID
  • The API key for the org
  • The Branch sandbox URL
  • Future versions of this developer documentation will enable you to log in and save your API keys. For this launch version you must enter the org ID and API key for each test request.
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