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API Integration Questions#

How do I create a new employee?#

  • You can create an employee using a simple endpoint. Make sure to include the organization and employee ids associated with the employee, as well as the employee's name in the request body.

How do I create a wallet?#

  • Wallets are associated with user accounts and can be made in a few different ways. A user can create their own wallet through the Branch mobile app, or a wallet can be made prior to a user signing up with the API endpoint provided. A user can then verify their identity and claim their wallet at a future date.

Do I need to have an employee first before I can make a new wallet?#

  • No, you do not need to manually create an employee first. You can create an employee and a wallet at the same time using the provided endpoint. Simply set the create_employee field within the request body to true and include the necessary information, such as the employee's first and last names, DOB, and SSN.

I've just created a wallet and an employee; what does "status" mean?#

  • There are 4 possible statuses for wallets: ACTIVE, NOT_CREATED, PENDING, and UNCLAIMED.

    • ACTIVE means that your wallet has been successfully created, and is now linked to your employee's Branch acount.

    • NOT_CREATED means that we were unable to create the wallet for your employee. This is most likely because we could not validate the employee's existence or identity. Please verify that all information inputted is correct.

    • PENDING means we are currently verifying the identity of your employee. This may take a few moments or a few days, depending on various factors.

    • UNCLAIMED means you have successfully created the wallet, we are just waiting for your employee to get the Branch app and claim it.

When do the statuses update?#

  • The status will update on our end as soon as employee identity verification passes or fails. For minors, this process typically will take slightly longer as additional documentation may be required by your employee. You can view the most up-to-date statuses by re-querying with the appropriate endpoint.

Is there a Sandbox environment I can use to test these integrations?#

  • There is! In order to gain access to our Sandbox, simply request a Sandbox token and change the domain to The Sandbox allows you to test the integrations without "real-world" consequences, such as accidental disbursements and other mishaps.

Where can I find all the API endpoints I need?#