Branch Environments

Sandbox Environment

When you join as a partner, Branch provisions an account for you in our sandbox environment for testing and development, providing you with login credentials and a sandbox-only API key.

Branch will also provide your team with access to our admin portal sandbox environment, allowing your team to view the results of your API calls.

After signing an agreement with Branch, you will receive an email from your Customer Success Manager providing you with the needed credentials.

NOTE: The sandbox environment has been designed to test integration touch points. There are limitations within the Branch sandbox environment, some of which are listed below.

Sandbox Limitations

  • User accounts are temporary and should be viewed for development testing only. They are not synced to production environments.

  • Payouts are simulated and no actual transfer of money movement occurs, only the data representation of transfers.

  • KYC & Fraud Workflows are preset as “pass” or “fail” by system settings in sandbox and do not run through full KYC processing.

  • employeeID must be unique for each worker.

  • Webhooks must be manually triggered by Branch.

  • No sandbox mobile application available

Production Environment

Once you have passed sandbox integration testing, Branch will provision production credentials to be used by your organization. The Branch development team will also share production credentials with you via email. Once your team is ready, we will jointly conduct an end-to-end test in production.

Production Limitations

  • Real PII must be used to set up accounts (SSN, phone number, etc)
    employeeID must be unique for each worker.

  • Individuals can only have one Branch wallet/account (SSN, phone number, email addresses must be unique).