About This Documentation

Welcome to Branch Developer Documentation. From this portal you can read reference docs and guides to using the Branch API.

This site is divided into two basic sections:


Here you can find topics walking you through how to use the Branch API, webhooks, and other features. To read the guides, select a topic from the menu at the left, or click the Guides button in the toolbar above if the menu is not visible.

API Reference

In the reference docs you can look up details about each Branch endpoint, in a presentation that uses the OpenAPI standard (formerly Swagger), and even try out API requests right from the reference documentation. This feature only works with the Branch API sandbox, and you will need your sandbox API key in order to use it. Click here.to access the API Reference, or click the API Reference button in the toolbar above.

You can view and copy the Branch OpenAPI definition in either JSON or YAML formats by clicking here.

Where do I start?

To jump right in using the Branch API, see Get Started. For more about some of the Branch API documentation features, read on:

Ask Branch AI

At the top right of each page you'll find a search bar. In addition to searching the documentation, if you press Enter after entering search terms, you can take advantage of the Branch AI chatbot, which assembles a response for you from across the documentation content.

After you enter your search terms, you can type Command + K to show more from the search results, or press Enter to ask your question to Branch API.

Get Started

If you press Enter, the Branch AI chatbot responds to your question:

Get Started

This can be useful for asking questions that are too complex to be ideal search queries, but are no problem for Branch AI, for example:

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